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Virtual ChoirWelcome to Mandurah City Choral Society Online

Virtual Choir is a wonderful opportunity for us to continue singing and participating in choir while still keeping our distance.  We are encouraging all members (and potentially former members and other interested people) to join in.  The process is not difficult, and once you have sorted out the technology, you will be an expert in no time.  Lots of instruction and help is provided.

The new rehearsal each week is available only to the members who have registered for virtual choir (the video files are protected for copyright purposes).  Each rehearsal will be loaded on a Monday afternoon and listed on a new page in the Virtual Choir menu with videos, music, recordings and instructions.  Rehearsals from the previous weeks are kept as a reference/archive. As the performance videos come on line they will be loaded to the Performances page and made available to everyone.  If you would like to register for virtual choir please contact Jen,  If you are having problems with the technology aspect please send Annie an email including the problem you have any any error messages.

Virtual Choir Instructions

Virtual Choir Instructional Video


To participate in the virtual choir you will need two electronic devices:

  1. A device that can play the rehearsal music/video via headphones
  2. A device that can record the video and audio of your performance


  • You could use a laptop to play the rehearsal music/video and a smartphone to video your performance.
  • You could use a smartphone to play the rehearsal music/video and an iPad/tablet to video your performance.

Virtual Choir Process

  1. Set up your rehearsal music/video device with headphones
  2. Set up you recording device
  3. Gather your music
  4. Work through the rehearsal materials below

When you are ready to record your performance

  1. Start recording your performance first
  2. Then start the rehearsal music/video
  3. Click with the click/claps at the start of the rehearsal music/video (for timing)
  4. Sing through your performance
  5. Stop recording your performance
  6. Stop the rehearsal music/video

You may wish to record your performance a few times until you are happy with it.  Once complete, follow the sending instructions to send your file.  Be sure to submit your record by the following Monday rehearsal.

Sending your performance file

  1. We will be using a special application to send our large video files:
    • Smart device: Download “Filemail: send large files” from the App store
    • Computer: Go to
  2. In the app/webpage fill in the information:
  3. Press Add file and select Photos and Video Files
  4. Allow the app to access your video files
  5. Select the video file you wish to send
  6. Press the send paper plane in the top of the screen
  7. Select for the file to be available for 1 week
  8. Wait while the file sends

Recording instructions and sending your file

Recording on an iPhone

Recording on an iPad

Sending files using Filemail